The beach of Katelios is only a ten-minute drive from the village Mavrata. We advise you to rent a car at Venus Rental. If you mention that you rent the house from us, you will get a nice discount. The car will be ready at the airport, and you can also drop it off at the airport when you leave.

The special thing about our house is that it’s located just outside the tourist area. In the evenings you will be able to enjoy the peace and silence when sitting on the terrace. The house is a great place to start your hikes and bicycle tours. The house is in the outskirts of the village, but the walk to the village is only three minutes. The first thing you see when entering the village is the butcher, who will provide you with a good meal during summer.

After a fifteen minute walk, you will get to a fine restaurant, which is opened all year. The food is delicious and cheap. Even in the off-season the restaurant is filled with the authentic, Greek atmosphere of the local citizens.