Kefaloina is the biggest island of the ionic archipelago. It is an island full of contradictions, the peaceful beaches versus the majestic mountains. It gives the island a unique beauty. The rich and vertile Kefalonia is famous for its red and white wine, its Robola, its honey and its white cheese Myrzithra.

The island knows knows many extraordinary phenomena. Thousands of liters of seawater flow into a tear in the earth every day and simply disappear. Researchers discovered that this water flows underneath the island, and reaches the surface again in the lake of Melissani.

Kefalonia has its own airport (at a distance of 21 km of the house and 9 km south of Argostoli). During summer there are charter flights flying from Amsterdam to Kefalonia in combination with another island. The airport (Argostolio) has one airstrip and is indicated by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) with the airport code EFL. There is also a domestic flight through Zakynthos to Athene. Boat connection are available from Argostoli and Poros, from Fiskardo (also to Lefkas) and from Sami to Ithaki, from Sami to Korfoe and Patras and from Pessada to Zakynthos. You can easily travel to the towns in the east and the north of the island by bus.

Next to Kefalonia is the smaller island Ithaki. Visiting this island is a fun for a day trip. The capital Argostoli has 7.500 inhabitants and is completely rebuilt after the devastating earthquake of 1953. Argostoli has a nice, centrally located plaza with some cafes.